A Note From the Director

Jeff Stubblefield

   The Marshall Parks and Recreation Department has a storied past. I believe that you can’t know where you are going unless you know where you have been. It all began in 1933. On March 20, 1933 on the recommendation of Mayor Joe F. Swisher, the Marshall City Council approved the purchase of 110 acres from Ralph, Juanita and George Duggins for $5,000. The purchase of this land was not looked upon with much favor among the citizens of Marshall, as this land was commonly referred to as “goat hill”. Since this purchase there have been many changes and improvements to our parks. These Leaders had a vision. They knew that for the Marshall to be a viable, thriving community that people needed to relax, unwind and recreate.  

   As we continue to upgrade and improve our facilities and programs, the Park Board and staff is committed to providing the citizens of Marshall with quality that’s expected, a comfortable, relaxing family entertainment in a safe and welcoming environment. The Marshall Parks and Recreation Master Plan of 2014 is our road map to our future.

  Thank you for visiting our site and for your support of your parks. Get out and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you in our parks!

Jeff Stubblefield
Director of Parks and Recreation
City of Marshall, MO 

Email: parkdirector@marshall-mo.com  

You can learn more about the history of the parks and our facilities here.